Splice repair of electrical cable in a flammable leakage zone for Boeing Aircraft

>> Monday, December 7, 2009

Splice repair of electrical cable in a flammable leakage zone for Boeing Aircraft.

Definition of a Flammable Leakage Zone: A flammable leakage zone is an area where leakage of flammable fluids or flammable vapors can occur as a result of:
1)      One failure
2)      Leakage during normal operation  

SWPM 20-02-10 "AIRPLANE FLAMMABLE LEAKAGE ZONES" provides basic guidelines for fuel vapor areas.

There are additional safety precautions in SWPM 20-00-10.

Also, SWPM 20-30-00 Paragraph 4 provides information on sealing of electrical terminations in a flammable leakage zone.

All electrical connections in a flammable leakage zone should be sealed. In the case of a splice, sealed splices should be used.

SWPM 20-30-12 paragraphs 7.B or 7.C (for temperature A and B zones) or paragraphs 8.B or 8.C (for high temperature zones C and D) are the preferred methods. Although there are sealed splice kits with heat shrink sleeves, use of a heat gun in a flammable leakage zone is not recommended.

Tapes used in the previously mentioned SWPM tasks do use P-421, which is a temperature grade D tape and can be used for all temperature repairs.

References: Boeing Standard Wiring Practices Manual (SWPM) 20-02-10, 20-30-00 and 20-30-12


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