MD-11F Autoland Cat II

>> Wednesday, September 9, 2009

MD-11F Autoland Cat II

1) MD-11F is FAA approved to perform various levels of Autoland approaches with the equipment listed in the Autopilot Automatic Landing Configuration (AALC) table shown in the MD-11F AFM, section 3 (Procedures).

2) P to F conversion does not affect Autoland operation. AFM covers both MD-11 & MD-11F is up-to-date and there are no differences between passenger and cargo config with regard to autoland system.

3) As stated in MD-11F AFM Section 1 (Limitation);

- Autoland operation requires incorporation of SB MD11-22-004 or the production equivalent.

- DO NOT perform Autolands when the aircraft gross weight is less than 305,000 lb and this limitation does not apply when SB MD11-22-14 or its production equivalent is incorporated.

- Automatic landings are prohibited above 8000 feet MSL and at weights greater than 481,500 lb. If an LSAS failure is annunciated enroute, the failed LSAS channel must remain in the OFF position for Autoland operations and landing weather minima credit with wing engine inoperative, may not be based on use of the automatic landing system. A manual landing is required if a wing engine N1 RPM indicator reverts to Amber “X” between 1000 feet AGL and 200 AGL. This limitation does not apply when SB MD11-22-005 or its production equivalent is incorporated.

- Three (3) hydraulic systems must be operative for DUAL LAND operations although “DUAL LAND” may be displayed when one hydraulic system is inoperative. This limitation does not apply when SB MD11-A31-001 or production equivalent is installed.

4) AMM has an additional test requirements procedure for Autoland operational status. Table below are the details of the additional test requirements for each of the components related to Autoland:

No Description AMM refer
1 Flight Control Computer Task 22-01-01-741-801
2 Autoflight System Control Panel Task 22-00-02-700-801
3 Autopilot Disconnect Switches Task 22-00-06-700-801
4 Auto Throttle Servo Task 22-00-07-700-801
5 Auto Throttle Disengage Switches Task 22-00-07-700-801
6 Electrical Power Control Unit Task 24-08-01-741-801
7 Inboard/Outboard Aileron Actuators Task 27-13-00-741-801/802
8 Rudder Actuators Task 27-23-00-741-801
9 Inboard/Outboard Elevator Actuators Task 27-33-00-741-802/803
10 Flap Synchros Task 27-54-00-741-801
11 Glareshield Control Panel Task 22-00-04-700-801
12 Wheel Speed Transducers Task 34-45-03-741-801
13 Inertial Reference System Task 34-43-00-700-803
14 Air Data Computers Task 34-16-01-741-801
15 ILS Receiver Task 22-01-01-741-801/802
16 Glideslope Antenna Relay Task 34-32-03-741-801
17 Radio Altimeter Task 34-42-01-741-801
18 FADEC Task 73-21-02-741-868

Note: Each component related to Autoland has and additional task written “To keep the aircraft approved for CATEGORY IIIb status, do the …….”

5) MD-11 Maintenance Schedule includes the additional test requirements to return aircraft to Autoland operational status after maintenance.

6) MD-11F FCOM does reflect the procedures such as the “SINGLE LAND” and “NO AUTOLAND” alerts which indicate the land availability of the aircraft. “SINGLE LAND” indicates that CAT II approach may be continued automatically. “NO AUTOLAND” indicates that there is insufficient equipment redundancy to perform an automatic landing. MD-11 FCOM (B/MD11/FCOM/P563.1D) refers.

7) MEL Procedure Manual (MDC K5511) item 22-10-3 also reflects relief of Automatic Landing System (Autoland) and provide procedure to install PLACARD “AUTOLAND INOP” and in addition to the alert “NO AUTOLAND” that will shows in EAD.

a) Boeing message dated 31st Oct 2005
b) AFM MDC-K0041 Rev 82 dated 15 Mar 05
c) AFM MDC-K0041 Rev 84 dated 28 July 05
d) MEL Procedure Manual (MDC K5511)
e) Aircraft Maintenance Schedule.
f) MD11Aircraft Maintenance Manual (AMM)
g) MD-11 FCOM (B/MD11/FCOM/P563.1D)


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