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Services provided by the Technical Services Department are briefly described here.  The following listing is not meant to be exhaustive. Typically, Technical Services provides the services to

a)         Maintenance department and Maintenance Control Centre when
1.      Technical data available does not meet operational requirements;
2.      Defects exceed limitations laid down in manuals;
3.      Necessary spares or tools are not available,
4.      Recurring defects need some investigation/solutions,
5.      Clarifications are needed on technical matters/data,
6.      Modifications are needed to improve economics or to minimise problems,
7.      Projects need technical study or information.

b)         Project and Planning department when
1.      Modifications are required to meet airworthiness and/or business requirements;
2.      Technical support when aircraft is in maintenance check at third party,
3.      Technical support for third party aircraft undergoing maintenance,
4.      Engine management including modification requires study/input,
5.      Difficulty is faced in maintenance program; or
6.      Projects need technical study or information.

c)         Flight Operations  
1.      In issuing, maintaining and controlling aircraft weight and balance reports, load and trim charts,
2.      When technical data/clarifications are needed related to performance issues,
3.      When modifications are required to meet operational requirements,
4.      When projects need technical study or information.

d)         Flight Operations and Maintenance departments in
1.      Maintaining aircraft Dispatch Deviation Procedures Guide (DDPG) and Dispatch Procedures Manual (DPM) which incorporate the customized Minimum Equipment List (MEL),
2.      Updating test flight performa,
3.      Vetting test flight results prior submission to local authority,
4.      Analysing flight safety problems.
e)      Procurement & Spares when
1.       Parts interchangeability and substitution are desired,
2.       Components need repair instructions, drawings and other advice,
3.       Clarifications needed for technical matters.

f)         Flight Operations, Procurement & Spares, Quality Assurance, Project & Planning departments in
1.       Updating Maintenance Schedule,
2.       Managing Technical Publications,
3.       Evaluation and interpretation of Airworthiness Directives, Service Bulletins and other technical matters.
4.       SSUFDR recording readout.

g)        All relevant departments in
Managing the Reliability Program including engine trend monitoring, and
Changes in Maintenance Schedule.

h)        Other third parties typically in aviation that require technical support and work similar to those described above.


Technical Services shall liaise with Project & Planning and Finance departments to determine the rates to be charged to customers for services rendered.  Typically this will consist of regular services and ad-hoc project type work.  In most cases, charges would be based on manhours spent by Technical Services Engineers.


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